Wednesday, 8 April 2015

2 cents

Today I went hang out with Bae and friend. I was happy with them. Watching Fast amd Furious 7. Later that, Bae and I went to sent friend back to home. We stay in the car and infront the friend house. We stay there chatting.

Suddenly, my mind miss Vic. The hell?? I was happy there. Laugh with Bae and friend. Why would I want to miss him/her?

I distract my brain by laugh at all my friend talking. Why would my mind would remember Vic?? Just cant leave me alone? Why? What is wrong with me.

I'm in love with Bae. True and serious. But why Vic will always appear in my mind? Why would Vic the person I should remember? Why not someone that important to me? This is depressing.

Fuck my life.

1 comment:

  1. Waaa... On dilemma? Still on dilemma.... Just contact him/her.... Dan buat la apa yang perlu.. Yg x perlu tu x payah buat....hehehe....