Friday, 24 April 2015


Do you ever feel like you were drunk for a couple of day. Then you had hungover. After that you just OK. Back to normal. Even a bit of headache.

Well. Happen to me. Not litterally drunk. But like my situation. I'm getting over Vic. Eventhough it hurt that I had just seen 'seen' in the idiotic act I did in the past post. But now. Seems like I can accept it.

Even it hurt. But yeah. I can go through it. Imagine if I not asked the stupid question to Vic, maybe I still giving a high hope to Vic. Right? So I hope if I can get through Vic and hoping Vic didnt suddenly appear in my life again. And the story would be rotate again. Pathethic me. So I'm crossing my finger hoping that my feeling would never back. Amen!

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