Thursday, 9 April 2015

Should I ?

Last Saturday, it was my graduation day. Correction, it was Vic, Bae and my graduation day. Bae family and mine came together. We had convoy from our home. On the road, my head keep questioning. Is Vic will come and attend his/her convocation? Because on the day I take rob for convocation, I always search for Vic name. But seems Vic did not take the rob yet.

So, on the day, Bae and I went to search our others friends from the same campus. Then, we found our friends there. We chatting, laugh and take photo together as normal graduate do on their special day.

Suddenly, I saw Vic. Vic with his/her friend. I cant look straight to him/her. Guilty of my foolish act long time ago.

Then our campus been call for registration. We stay infront of the registration desk. Bae and ours friend gather talking together. But on the side of my eyes. I saw Vic. It such a relieved that he/she graduate. I dont know it just my mind playing with or reality that our eyes met only just a few second. Silly me.

In the hall, we seated according by courses and name. Bae and I seperated in the hall. But not too far. The funny of this story is when I take 'wefie' from friend beside me then on the corner of camera I saw Vic. I snap quickly and not even look at the photo. I dont know why I act something like that. Vic seat behind my. Not literally behind. But the distance is close.

Then during the event, there's so much name like Vic. I felt just want to laugh. And I heard that Vic talk to his/her friend, that too many person that same name like Vic. I just smirking.

After the ceremony, people from our campus gathered to take photo with our dean and lecturers. I dont know why I felt like Vic looking at me. Or is it my mind playing again with me. That's the last time I saw Vic.

After the ceremony, I inbox Vic to say Congrats. I didnt have a high hope. Just hoping to see the seen from the inbox. After a couple of hours sending Vic wishes. Vic replied. Vic said

"oo. Thanks. Same goes to u. Congrates too"

Eventhough my grammar nazis want to correct the spelling fo congrates but instead of that. I am smiling. Happy. Then i replied to Vic.

"..and sorry"

Seen. As long as Vic seen the message. That enough. Now I hold my self to write agin to Vic. I just want to ask. Did he/she hate me or not. I just want to know YES / NO question from Vic.

Should I or should I not ask Vic the question?

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