Tuesday, 7 April 2015


First of all. Lemme give the name bout the person that cause me doing this blog. I will name his/her VIC . VIC is unisex name right? could be VICTORIA or VICKY etc etc , and my partner I would be name him/her BEA . Typical name. That just came in my mind.

The story start here . It happen in my diploma life. VIC and I are two different course. He/she is kind a good looking. Shy. Not too much talk. but if you know Vic, Vic will be talkactive. Love Vic laugh, slap, and everything. Back then We are just a good friend.

It all started by my foolish action. What the foolish action is? Well.. Just take it a very very very foolish action that even I dont want to remember cause I dont know what happen to me back then. Too stupid because of Love that I know is wrong. I just want to be with Vic. All about Vic. Once Vic and I in a same class, I just cant stop looking to Vic eventhough Vic sitting infront of me. The scent of Vic. But at the same time. Vic other's good friend who Vic once like also in a same class. I got jealous. Cause I am not in the same gender as Vic other good friend. A gender that I can be a casanova. I dont know whether I can be classified as HOMO or not. Maybe just a DILEMMA ANONYMOUS. Back to the story, after our class, Vic and I suppose to have lunch together, but then Vic Other good friend stop Vic, then they talk, laugh, blablabla. I hate to remember the sweetness that can give others diabetis.

After the semester then all the war began. Vic hate me. Vic mad at me. cause of my foolish action. VIC HATE AT ME. Even Vic not saying that Vic hate me but I just assume by Vic action. We are in same campus. But we not talk together. We just walk each other way. Even our eyes met. but we just past through. I dont know that if Vic just follow what Vic friends said bout me or what. but since that we were just like We are so close yet so far.

Very confusing. Sorry future me.

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